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VR & AR Simulations

We are creating rapid prototypes for multiple experiences and getting them into your hands with our room scale technology.  AR and VR take standardized marketing material and generate dynamic multimedia experiences. The current 2d digital medium a flat screen will be moved to a new era of depth based interactions where a rich user experience can now come alive. Simulation-based learning can be the answer to developing aviation cabin crew teams with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that become second nature.

Learning experiences used as a measurement tool linked to targeted teamwork competencies and testing objectives.  Effective Training generates leadership behavior which can help ensure passenger safety. Transformational change can only come about when the learner recognizes simulated problems and then adopts a proactive approach to work on it and correct it with real-time environments and interactive testing. Interaction within AR/VR training provides valuable testing and feedback. Instructors can assess performance in real-time and maintain checklists of activities, actions, and relevant human factors.


  • Practice with feedback

  • Any number of modules or procedure integration

  • Exposure to any number of events

  • Reproducibility

  • Instructors testing 

  • Modify difficulty levels

  • More to come...


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